Windows 10

Today I got the invite,
a free upgrade to Windows 10,
and so I thought, oh what the heck
and I downloaded it right then.
Well, I didn’t really like it,
it was cumbersome and slow,
the taskbar icons were too tiny
and my wallpaper overblown.

I tried to find the settings,
so that I could customise,
but things weren’t where they should be,
I began to realise.
Now I like to do some tinkering,
software/hardware draws me in,
but there’s a limit to my patience,
and it was wearing thin.

So I pondered on past learning,
on ailments and cures,
and I may not be IT brilliant,
but of one thing I am sure,
I can find the recovery option,
when software things frustrate,
and so I did, and here I am,
back with Windows 8.

© ceenoa