Question 2 – The Eternal Fish

Just walked past my daughters siamese fighting fish, (why it is called that I do not know as he never fights, he just floats there, occasionally going “bloop” with his little fishy breath, and not eating his fish food which then sinks to the bottom of his vase and becomes a conglomeration of unappetising muck), -deep breath after that long-winded partial sentence –  however, he did prompt this thought:

Just going "bloop" again
Just going “bloop” again

Question 2

How do “they” know a goldfish only has a 3 second memory?

Have “they” magically been turned into goldfish so they could time the length of their memory process, and if they have, how did they remember it afterwards?

7 responses to “Question 2 – The Eternal Fish”

  1. I have accidentally become a surrogate mom to MY daughter’s Siamese fighting fish whom she inadvertently left behind when she moved to the west coast. They are called fighting fish because if you put two of them in the same tank they will fight until one of them kills the other. In fact, if you put two of them in separate bowls next to each other they will fight through the glass. Or so I am told.

    Poseidon is a cutie, I will post of picture of him on my blog tomorrow. He’s actually fairly friendly for a fish – or maybe just always begging for food…..

    He has not mastered the bloop as of yet. Nice post 🙂


    1. Thanks, yes I knew that, but even when we had to in adjoining tanks, they never fought with each other. Too lazy. Looking forward to seeing the colours of yours.


      1. Finally got my Fishie Fotos up on the blog. I haven’t figured out yet how to adjust the size of the photos I post. Did you size your fish photo or was that the original size?


        1. Mm, think I cropped it a bit to get it, but is was fairly closeup when I took it. Will check your fishies out soon.


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  3. I think of Siamese Fighters when I think of my year as an exchange student in Tasmania because one of my host families bred them. They had neighboring tanks, and when the male built his bubble nest (as yours looks like he’s trying to do) I sat in awe as the female and male performed their intricate mating ritual. If you have never watched, it is an amazing sight. Just be sure to get the female out when they are done so he doesn’t go after her!


    1. Oh, I didn’t know that was what he was doing. Although it would have been a waste as he was the sole occupant in the house (and sadly he has now gone to fishy heaven). I will have to goggle it, it sounds interesting. 🙂


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