Where has all the funny gone? (long time pa-ah-ssing) – sing it with me …..

I’ve somehow lost my funny, my giggles up and gone
the gloomy greys have got me, I am bereft, morose and moribund.

I last saw her on the weekend
when my daughters made me laugh
my nephew made me chuckle (and it wasn’t just by half).

If you see her can you tell her, I want her to come right home
not laughing isn’t funny when you hit your funny bone.

I long to do a silly snortle,
a snarky chuckle and guffaw
I want to have hysterics and laugh till my throat is raw.

So tell me something comic, or send a picture quick,
for Funny is my Doctor and I’m really feeling sick.

© ceenoa     29/4/2014

11 responses to “Where has all the funny gone? (long time pa-ah-ssing) – sing it with me …..”

  1. Well, there’s always http://deepseafauna.tumblr.com if you find goggly eyes funny. But really, try CandyBoots commentary on vintage Weight Watcher’s Recipe Cards, at http://www.candyboots.com/wwcards/czarina.html (Don’t forget to look at the page titles, too.) If you haven’t seen those before, they are nearly sure to make you laugh!


    1. Thanks, I will check them out, they do sound interesting. Goggly eyes can be quite funny. Weight watchers cards sound right up my side of the path. 🙂


    2. Oh My those card pictures are truly awful. In a good way obviously. The descriptions are inspired. 🙂 Thanks goodness food photography has come such a long way since then. That really cheered me up. Thanks


      1. Any time. 😀

        When I first saw those, I laughed myself sick. Of course, I was way overtired at the time… 🙂


  2. Well realising that you’re sick means that you’re on your way to being well.


    1. You are so right, If you know then you can fix. Thanks for the timely reminder. Have a lovely day/night.


  3. Oh you is good at dem ditties!! Ok, attempt to cheer you up………my son swallowed his tooth last night. He didn’t find it funny. I thought it was hilarious. He isn’t speaking to me, still. That’s because every time he does, his lisp makes me giggle!! I deliberately gave him the choice between sausages and spaghetti sauce for dinner, just to hear his answer 😀


    1. You are a wicked woman. Consider job done. I am cheered. 🙂


      1. Oh goody!! I am dancing around the room, sprinkling glitter!! :)))


        1. Good, can you video that for me, I’d like to see it. 🙂


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