Question 16 – Your flavour of Ugly

Ok, seeing as it is depression month here at downtown “nowheresville”, I have a good old “yuck” post for you all.

There are only 2 species left on Earth, which shall you choose:

Angry female naked mole rat. Credit: Buffenstein/Barshop Institute/UTHSCSA    ORblobfish

The choice is yours:  vote now to ensure your continued existence!

4 responses to “Question 16 – Your flavour of Ugly”

  1. Haha mole rats lol


  2. Reblogged this on to search and to find and commented:

    Seeing as it’s Monday and I am bored, and my creativity has taken an extended leave of absence without consent – please peruse one of my posts from a past Blog – I was always quite fond of this one for some strange reason.


  3. I’m pretty sure I dated the Blobfish once.

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