The Safe Side of Horrible

The Safe Side of Horrible

Oh, how I long to be nasty,
cruel, spiteful and just plain old mean,
to say all the words that are bubbling
down in the murk of my spleen.

But, no, I need to play nice,
’cause I live in fear of the trolls
I’ve heard they are awfully painful
when they get on their rampaging rolls.

So I live on the safe side of horrid,
choosing words that try not to offend,
suppressing my withering ripostes,
and trying to keep all my β€œfriends”.

One day it will all overcome me,
the Horrid will slip out to play,
But I’m here on the Safe Side of Horrible
so gladly, it won’t be today!

Β© ceenoa

Thanks for the Inspiration, Marigold.

Happiness is kind words from a friend .....

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