Question 33: How do they do it?

I’m asking how they do it,
and where it is it goes?
What happens to their body
when they become unseen?
I’d really like the answer,
it would help an awful lot,
on days when I can’t remember
how to fit into my jeans!


8 responses to “Question 33: How do they do it?”

  1. Could it be that unlike us humans, they don’t eat chocolate?


    1. Yes, that’s probably it 🙂


  2. HA! Funny funny… and yes, chocolate is my downfall as well. And cookies. And Ice Cream. And pasta. And. . . . 😮


    1. Oh yes, all of the above please with extra fresh bread.

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      1. Ah…. then you will like THIS!

        Pain au chocolat recipe – hand made, yeast dough croissant filled with luscious, deep dark chocolate!


        1. 🙂 Thanks for that, it looks yummy, but someone else will have to make it as I don’t do anything more than the bare minimum of cooking!

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          1. Ha! Go down to the store and pick up a tube of crescent rolls. Peel them out flat, like the instructions say. Drop a dark chocolate in the middle (your choice. Dove or Ghirardelli are my favorites). Roll up and bake as usual. Enjoy!


            1. How clever. 🙂 Think I can manage that – just.

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