Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #36 Field & Beacon – Wildlife

You were the beacon
and I the forgotten field
now fruitful with life

© ceenoa


10 responses to “Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #36 Field & Beacon – Wildlife”

  1. Excellent! 3 awesome lines of staying strong and happy!

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    1. Thanks, I appreciate your happy comment.

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  2. Hi Claudette! I got a picture of a pregnant woman who was abandoned by the love of her life. 😦 I’m probably way off. Loved it.

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    1. Hi Vashti – the fertility bit was right – but I didn’t mean to imply abandonment. However, poetry can be read many different ways. Thanks for commenting.


    2. I can see how you got there – I too thought of pregnancy but not abandoned – love the enigma of it

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      1. 🙂 must be something in that then – everyone seems to be getting the same picture. When I wrote this it was with my husband in mind (when I first met him) so it was all happy for me.


  3. I agree with Vashti on the definition of the fertility part. I saw a perhaps a pregnancy later than expected or a surprise after a time a trying.

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    1. mmm – interesting. Wasn’t my intention, but maybe it was subliminal as it was about my husband.


  4. That was a good way to use our words for this week.

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