12 Years

there was something in the look in our photo
and I cannot recapture it
the memory of the shape is gone
and I am lost

a glorious technicolour film in surround sound
reduced to a screen play
stark black and white words on paper

It does not come close to explaining
they way I feel now
this loss is overwhelming
with no hope of recovery

4 responses to “12 Years”

  1. It’s so difficult to live with grief. You captured that feeling well.

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    1. Thanks Dee. I didn’t articulate as well as I hoped, but sometimes things just can’t be forced.


  2. It’s eerie how photographs can change meaning as time goes by. A picture that may have brought joy when one was younger could become the moment of betrayal or shame later on.

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    1. It is strange what a photo captures, and how that changes. Sometimes the changes are not welcome, such is the case for me. I am assured it is all part of the healing/grieving process, but heck, it seems to be a looooong process, especially when my emotions want to tell the world but my brain can’t do the job.


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