Little Bursts of Creativity

For a long time I haven’t made any jewellery, but in the last few weeks I have felt an urge to start playing again.

I’ve had the red and silver mokume gane polymer clay components on my work table for over a year!  last week I finally made up the smaller set into a pair of earrings for myself, and wrapped them in silver wire with an inbuilt bail so that I didn’t have to drill a hole through them.  I’m really happy with them, and the resin on top of the clay makes is shine nicely.

Yesterday I finally took the plunge and made up the larger focal piece into a necklace, I attached the chain to the focal by filling a link with resin and setting it on the back.  I’m still not completely happy with the chain going all the way around the neck, as it seems to sit a little stiffly, so I may have to change that at a later date.  Maybe half chain links and the other half double strand tubing.  I also made up the middle pair of focals into earrings, again attaching handmade wire bails (to hang the hooks through) on the back with resin.

I also remade the ring – prior to yesterday it was swirly wire and pearls, but I never really liked it very much.  I carefully unwound the swirls of wire, and then reshaped them to hold the handmade glass cabachon.  During this process I got the balance point for the “stone” slightly off, so it is heavier on one end than the other, but I don’t think the gold-wire is up to me unwinding it again to reset the cabachon.  I can live with it.

Last week I also played with the three pendants shown here, each has been created using “Prisme” Pebeo Paint.  I love how the metallic paints works itself out into patterns, however I have to fight my inclination to push it around and mess up the patterns – so I am trying to learn patience.  If you mix 2 different colours (as in the triangle pendant) you can get interesting effects depending on which paint floats and which sinks.  I think my favourites is the diamond pendant, these aren’t my normal choice of colours but I think they work really well and the soft tones compliment the “cell” effect.

Today  I’ve been playing with some other things, and have part completed a couple of other pendants, but that’s a story for another day!

14 responses to “Little Bursts of Creativity”

  1. These are gorgeous, my favourites are the very vibrant earrings.

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    1. Thanks Sue, i love them too.


  2. Some nice contrasts here Claudette with the red and silver. Glad you’ve found some enthusiasm again for your jewellery.

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    1. Red is a bit of a theme, but wasn’t intentional, just had the bits waiting.

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  3. I absolutely love these …. all of them but particularly those earrings which will really sing on the wearer!

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    1. And they move so freely, make me feel good. Thanks for your lovely comment.

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  4. They’re beautiful! I especially like the wrapped earrings.

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    1. They are my new fav earrings right now. I was very hsppy with how the wrapping worked.

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  5. Love them all. But I’ve got to say, the ring is my favourite.

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    1. Yeah, big and chunky knucklebuster, just wish i had made the band a teeny bit smaller to fit my finger properly. Have to wear it on other hand and it doesn’t look as good on that side.

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      1. I love large rings like that, but think they sit better on the middle finger. Make of that what you will. 😉

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        1. 🙂 Wll, they have something to say, don’t they. 😉

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  6. All very nice, but I love the purples in the piece on the lower right…

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    1. Purples are my favourites – and most of my stuff has some of it in it – often it creeps in when I’m not even consciously choosing it. 🙂

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