19 thoughts on “The Broadband Blues

    • Claudette 05/02/2017 / 1:46 pm

      Me too, but it’s not looking likely at the moment.


  1. Hugh's Views and News 02/02/2017 / 11:58 pm

    I hope it’s not long before you’re reconnected to the web, Claudette. You’re living one of my worst nightmares. 😱

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    • Claudette 05/02/2017 / 1:47 pm

      Yeah, it’s frustrating Hugh. me new provider has already had 10 days – and I haven’t even got an email from them yet. Went on chat to check, and they said “It won’t be long”. Not holding my breath. Not sure what has happened to good old fashioned service!

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  2. Lily 03/02/2017 / 5:05 am

    Reminds me when the Spawn and I had no internet for almost a year. We had to do something called “socializing” and something else known as “talking.” It was tough, but we got through it…just.
    Hope it all gets sorted out soon.

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    • Claudette 05/02/2017 / 1:48 pm

      🙂 Yeah. I just miss the ability to upload photos and connect to the one game I play online. We are adjusting, but it is more frustration at the lack of service from the providers that has me antsy.

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  3. macmsue 03/02/2017 / 10:34 pm

    Oh No! We’ve had the Broadband Blues this year too, just back online after a week and a half with no internet or phone. Not sure about your “support service” but I was SEVERELY STRESSED by ours. Love your poem. 🙂

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    • Claudette 05/02/2017 / 1:51 pm

      Yep, my sress levels when dealing with them were horrendous – which is why I ditched them. Have moved to an “aussie” service, but it’s been 10 days and I haven’t heard anything from them either. Not feeling very happy.


      • macmsue 05/02/2017 / 4:22 pm

        When we go camping we use a little prepaid mobile unit and having that was useful but nothing relieved the “helpline horrors”!

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  4. Melissa Gillan 04/02/2017 / 11:12 am

    I lost internet capability on my phone which has been killing me, but still have house wifi and an ipad and pc. You clearly have it worse, poor thing.

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    • Claudette 05/02/2017 / 1:52 pm

      I’m actually lucky with the mobile, because up till late last year I never bothered with data on my phone, just used it for a few calls. It’s getting a workout on the brief periods I put it into personal hotspot over the last month so I can connect.

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