“On this Day” Repost – I don’t do Math

I may have mentioned once of twice my favourite FB feature – NO?  Oh, well it is “on this Day” – and on this day in 2014 I wrote the following post.  Strangely enough, today my FB feed has been full of posts of a similar nature; learning to be, living in the moment, being happy.  The Universe does work in mysterious ways – and it pays to pay attention unless you want a kick up the backside.


What does it all add up too?
the seconds of my life,
count them off in gratitude,
daughter, sister, mother, wife.

No number can ever tally,
the measure of our worth,
the answer is in living well,
each day upon the earth.

8 responses to ““On this Day” Repost – I don’t do Math”

  1. I love that feature as well. I rarely reshare those moments on my feed, but they always bring me a smile.

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    1. I have a terrible memory, so these are nice when they pop up with something.

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  2. Dang, woman, that’s publishable right there. You should submit it.

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    1. Um, submit it to what? Just asking, as you know I’m not a writer 🙂

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      1. I don’t know, I’m not a poet. 😉
        Someplace that publishes poems. Like a magazine or journal. Writer’s Digest is a good place to check. I think they have a special section for poets.
        And you’re a funny one for saying you’re not a writer. You kidder. 😏

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  3. I love this! I’m not sure if I’ve told you this before, but I’m generally not a big fan of poetry. I love your stuff, but I think the greater compliment is, that it’s poems like this one that deepen my appreciation of poetry.

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    1. Oh, happy warm smile. Thanks so much, that is truly a lovely compliment. My “poetry” is just my thoughts written in rhyme mostly, I’m not sure it’s even legal to call it poetry 😉

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