14 years

dad in hammock

When Autumn blows,
when Winter snows,
when Summer slows,
when Spring plants grow,
I remember you.

You were my seasons,
and I was content,
to let you be my reason,
for taking the next breath.

Years have turned,
some dreams have burned,
and I have learned,
some memories do not return.

Each tiny part that disappears,
diminishes throughout the years,
the picture that I hold so dear,
and fills me with a desperate fear.

Will one day come,
under this sun,
when all that was our total sum,
dwindles down to none?

© ceenoa

16 responses to “14 years”

  1. Achingly, tenderly beautiful Claudette 🙂

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  2. From the viewpoint of knowing I can say “that will never happen”.

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    1. That’s good to know, thanks


  3. Beautiful ❤

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    1. hanks for your kindness.

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  4. Wonderful. A gentle wallop to the heart…

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    1. Thanks Brian, that is what it feels like a lot, and sometimes it is not so gentle.

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  5. What he said, a gentle wallop. This was beautiful, Claudette.

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    1. Thanks CJ. It is weird how grief can be beautiful, but it is! It reminds me that I still love.

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  6. Poignant words, Claudette.

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    1. Thank Ruth, had a lot of words running through my head, they didn’t come out exactly as I wanted.

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  7. A wise person once said “Sometimes sad is what you want.” I see you understand that. Beautiful

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    1. I do understand it, hadn’t hear that before, but it is right. Thanks WD.

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