“On This Day” Repost – Question 34: Hair – (Delilah & the Beanie)

Good old FB – throwing up another of my weird wonderings from this day in 2015.  



That stuff that sticks out of our skin, often where we don’t want it, but mainly on our head.  Sometimes we get upset when it doesn’t stick out of our skin (but that’s mainly Men, and they are a notoriously contradictory species)!

Short, long, curly, straight, blonde, brunette, redhead, grey –  it’s usually there just hanging around, doing it’s thing – or not – depending on the weather, how you slept, what time you got up this morning and if there was any goop left in your styling product container of choice!

It may seem like an innocent thing, but have you considered that your hair actually has a secret agenda?  Yep, you read me, a secret agenda, take a minute and consider the following scenario …

You get out of bed, your short hair is tousled (say that word a few times and you come to doubt your understanding of English) in an attractive “I don’t give a hoot what you think – I love it” way, and off you go to work feeling like you’re made of steel – nothing will get to you today.  Your hair is your strength and will protect you from the sneers of trend-setter Delilah in HR (especially because you don’t go to sleep at work – unlike stupid Samson – and also because you stole her scissors yesterday).


You get out of bed, your short hair is sticking out at an angle that would make an isosceles triangle blush.  No amount of goop will make it stick down, and there is a disconcerting idea forming in your mind that you maybe should just stick a beanie on your head and be done with it.  You just know it is going to be the day that the very attractive person, who has been hanging around long-haired, perfectly coiffured Delilah in HR, comes over to talk to you.  This will cause you to wish that you HAD worn the beanie so you could pretend that;
a) Facebook asked you to wear your beanie at work to show support for {insert your football team of choice} or,
b) that your Great Aunt, who just lost the last of her hair to Chemo and asked you to wear the Beanie as a sign of family solidarity.
Unfortunately you didn’t choose the beanie, and you look like a reject from the “Fastest Sheep Sheared by a Novice” contest.

SEE, your hair has dictated your mood, personality and ability to think of plausible reasons for wearing/not wearing a beanie.

Not buying it yet – ok, what about this.

Silky, soft, shiny, short, smart, spiky, sophisticated, stylish, sexy (weird how many “s” words describe hair).

Comb-over, Blue rinse, Split ends, fly away, wind blown, coarse, mousy, greasy (apply them to a description about your hair and see how you feel).

What does your hair say about you? It’s out there – and there’s no keeping it under the hat!


14 responses to ““On This Day” Repost – Question 34: Hair – (Delilah & the Beanie)”

  1. Fairly on the ball I say. But WOW, I have been without mine a time or three in the cause of charity and while it was great I am glad to have it now where it ought to be-even on a ‘bad hair” day. Its MY hair see and no one else’s is quite like it. Mmmmm…..well maybe they might be glad about that!

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    1. smile – yes, our own hair is unique, even if we may sometimes envy anothers’.


  2. I think you’ve really hit on something here, Claudette. Our relationship(s) with our hair. I’m ever to be seen with my hat on mine – at least in wordpress gravatar world 🙂

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    1. hats are good Tish. I like them, but if I actually wear them then my hair sticks out weirdly. We have a lady at work you always wears hats, she has lots and lots, a different one each day, and she does it so well. To see her without one is very strange.

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  3. This made me hoot with laughter. My hair is the greatest reminder that I am not actually six years old nor yet sixteen, twenty six all the way up to fifty six (and beyond :D) therefore I do all I can to keep it happy …. fortunately she doesn’t take too much teasing so long as I don’t go out in a high wind!

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    1. Hoot away, laughter is extremely good for the soul (and possibly the hair too). I have had mine short for a very, very long time (even shaved 3 or 4 times in the last 3 years), but I am thinking about letting it grow for a whole year – now that will be interesting to see if I can tolerate the curly, silver outcome.

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      1. I look forward to the updates. I think silver curls are gorgeous and covetable

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        1. I think silver curls are gorgeous and covetable too – on other people! On myself I think they just look boofy – but we shall see 🙂

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          1. What is it that we see when we see ourselves? That is one of the great unanswered questions …..

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            1. I’m not sure, but most days I don’t really look!

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  4. Oh, this is so true!
    When I was young I used to get so many compliments on my long blonde hair that I was afraid to cut it, believing it was the only thing about me that was special. When I finally got brave enough to cut it short, I marveled at how freeing it was. My daughter figured it out when she was 12! 😀

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    1. Hair is a strange thing. I determinedly grew mine long, and then, after a breakup, just chopped it all off (the hairdresser was a bit miffed I think). We seem to link our hair so much to our feeling of happiness – whereas men don’t, and I do wonder how that happened.

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  5. My hairstyle says this: I was abandoned many decades ago because my owner decided that ease and comfort were much more important than winning any type of award or spending longer than two minutes in front of the bathroom mirror, total. Not that I didn’t have my Golden Age of Follicle Fiddling. Every once in a while I have a dream about the coifs I used to sport in my younger days and I wake up screaming… 😉

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    1. Hahaha, your hair sure does have a lot to say. yes, some of those old hairstyles (or in my case hair colours) are a bit cringeworthy now)

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