The Loo

WARNING:     If you don’t like “toilet” humour (and I mean that literally) – move along now! 

This verse has been nagging me to write it for days since the “visit”- so I finally gave in and decided to traumatise you all as well. 


there’s a poo in my loo!
it had been well hid, till I lifted the lid,
and a poo in the loo,
when you go for a wee, is not something you want to see.

oh, that poo in the loo,
who left it there? and do I really care?
but the poo in the loo,
says they need a lesson, in remembering to push the button!

so the door to the room of the poo in my loo
now displays note, on which I wrote:
you left a poo in my loo –
next time don’t rush, and remember to FLUSH!

© ceenoa

I skipped the visuals for this one – it just seemed the appropriate thing to do!


17 responses to “The Loo”

  1. Ha,ha. Who would possibly do that,? Very well written wee girl.

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    1. Thanks – I am flush with suspicions.


  2. Haha, nicely penned. Seems to be a common occurrence especially with household occupants of the male variety. 😬

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    1. Thansk Miriam. No males here, unless it was the 2 year old grandie – and well, he did do his first poo on th eloo that day – so maybe in all the excitement his Mum forgot to flush 🙂

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  3. So glad you decided not to show photographic evidence

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    1. I know, I am soooo considerate that way. Hope you are well Dick.


  4. We get the message…vividly,

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    1. hehe – I did warn you


  5. Guess this is proof, poets can find inspiration in anything! 😀 Loved it!

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    1. I guess it is 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it

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  6. To be fair, sometimes that lurker is the result of ancient plumbing being truculent, as happens in our domicile from time to time. (We have long since learned to triple check things before making any flight preparations.) Still, this incident does have an air of malfeasance…

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    1. Mal better not come visit my house any more then – I don’t like his calling card.

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  7. Heehee, that made me smile. Reminded me of The Great Poopgate Of 20211, where The Great Poo Monster (as created by Spawn) had us screaming in fear as it threatened to plummet to the floor every time we flushed…okay, it’s not quite the same thing…I’ll just get me coat shall I?

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    1. Love it – Poo certainly has lots of potential stories to tell – jsut imagine what it has seen, and what it will see once we actually flush the damn thing down the loo!

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  8. Having a couple of boys myself, there’s simply no escaping toilet humor in this household. After reading your poem, I think that every toilet joke should always end with flushing. And maybe some hand washing… 😛

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    1. Yes, lots of hand washing

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