FIFO – A Short Paragraph Story

The peacefulness of the pool was broken as the “fly-in fly-out” squad bomb dived into it. The ruffled locals moved out of their path and let them get on with all the showing off, the noisy social commentary, and the ubiquitous attempt of some new FIFO to hook up with someone elses partner. They would have to wait to get their peaceful life back again: after all, migrating birds don’t stick around very long.

© ceenoa


This one has been banging around my head for over a month since I saw a flock of migrating birds swoop down into the dam in the paddock next door,  and in that time I lost my flow – I really should have written it when it barged into my brain.

5 responses to “FIFO – A Short Paragraph Story”

  1. Well it came out okay after a month of mellowing!

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    1. Thank you. It hasn’t been very mellow in my head.


  2. I think there must be many people townspeople around the country who feel just the way you do. 🙂

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  3. The geese in our area are on the move, we hear them daily as they pass overhead. Never considered what the other birds must think of them until now. 🙂

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    1. Always good to think about things – even if it is migrating birds vs local birds 🙂

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