A little bit of silliness

The thought “I feel despondent” popped into my head when I was driving to work one morning earlier this week, (and yes, I do think strange things sometimes, although the constant need to leave your place of comfort and go to work for someone else can tend to do that to a person) and of course, being as I was driving, I could not write it down.  I tried to remember it later, but alas, it transmogrified itself by the time I got around to typing it.  It’s not “right”, it’s not sensible, it’s a bit forced, but it made me smile a wry little smile.

 I’ve dented my spond,
despondent am I,
life was going to fly,
but instead I just sigh,
’cause my feet are still on the ground.

So I figured I’d be more proactive,
and bash out the dent that I found,
then I polished my spond,
till it shone like the sun,
and nearly burnt out my eye!

Well, my spond had a good laugh at that,
then it fell over backwards, and splat,
when I looked around,
it was down on the ground,
dented and sporting a scratch.

I’ve given up trying to fix it,
live and let live, I now say,
and I’ll be ok,
even if, on some days,
my spond is sporting a dent.

© ceenoa