Question 1 – The love life of Google

Whilst thinking about what question I wanted to kick this off with, I turned to my fount of all knowledge, my dear friend Google


(although how my dear friend Google got that name is another question I would like to know, I must ask MDFG, as I suppose they know).

MDFG appears to have so many questions filed away in their vast storage capacity, it was too hard to settle on any one, so I just decided to leave it to it’s own questions and explore them all another time, like when I really need an excuse to sit in front of the screen and vegetate for the next few decades of my life.

So, this actually triggered a question that I am going to go with here, which is this:

Question 1

If Google, and by default computers everywhere, is the repository of so much information, how long will it take for all those little bits of data to meet,


be formally introduced to each other, fall in love, fall out of love, divorce, reconcile, remarry, leave each other to “find themselves”, look in the mirror and realise they have turned into a old, tubby version of themselves – oh sorry, that is a different question –


coalesce and evolve into its own living intelligence?