How Do You …?

How do you write a poem? they ask,
to answer that question is no easy task,
it starts with a word, and idea or a phrase,
nagging for hours, or sometimes whole days.

The words swirl in the blender that I call my brain,
and I scoop out the best, pour the gunk down the drain,
then the words I type out, with the best of intent,
but I frown when I see they are not what I meant!

So I chop it all up and switch it around,
but still I can’t shake the feel of my frown,
I keep mixing it up and I soon feel much better,
as with one final change it all comes together.

Have I answered your question? I really can’t say,
my whole methodology is really quite grey,
now I’ve written it out it sounds quite perverse,
basically, really, I just like writing in verse!

© ceenoa