Reasons why you shouldn’t do housework

I asked the MOAA to come down for tea tonight, which pushed me into a mini-flurry of housework.  Keeping in mind some advice I read in a blog this morning (sorry, can’t remember whose it was now, sorry,sorry, sorry) about finding a reason to enjoy the things you have to do, my mind started versifying while I was cleaning the bathroom:

I’m not what you’d call houseproud
I do it when I must
I kinda like the cobwebs
they go well with the dust.

Then, I had this cheery thought whilst vacuuming the floors:

I’ve been thinking of windows
as eyes into my houses soul
so it makes me feel quite worried
when at night they start to glow.

 It quite put me off washing the floors, not sure what I might start versing next.

6 responses to “Reasons why you shouldn’t do housework”

  1. Two great little verses there. It’s amazing what comes to mind while doing chores. The subject of my next blog usually comes to me while I am ironing. I don’t know why, but it only ever seems to happen when I have the ironing board in front of me 🙂


    1. I don’t iron – at all – so housework, driving, in the bath, is what works for me. 🙂


  2. You do have a very creative mind. 🙂 Things are really easier to do if you think about it positively..


  3. localdelicious Avatar

    I didn’t even need to read the whole post, you had me at the headline. My first inspiration is to choose to enjoy housework, the other is to rhyme while I’m doing it. I have some hope for goal one, not so sure about two.


    1. Once it starts, it does not stop. 🙂 At least for me.


  4. […] few years ago I wrote a post called Reasons why you shouldn’t do housework. I thought it was time to for a reprise, more in line with my current excuses, er reasons, for not […]


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