In Pursuit Of … #2

So, here is the start of my second creation in this irregular “semi-regular” post series.

(Yes, that sounds confusing to me too – best just accept that I will randomly post stuff when I feel the urge to do so, with no set pattern or regularity, even though I may have alluded to the fact that I would, in fact, do so on a semi-regular basis!)

These posts seem to need the “stream of consiousness” approach to how the pieces start to be created, so get ready for the dot points:

    • decide I need to create something
    • look around my work space to see what is waiting for “inspiration”
    • select a 2/3 finished project that has been gathering dust on the bench for months
    • celebrate the fact that this project needs wood, and thus, a trip to my local supplier is required
      • note: it is always important to justify my emerging addiction
    • go to The Wood Guys and appreciate all the gorgeous timber
    • touch the timber
    • smell the timber
    • feast my eyes on the timber – the knots, burls, grains, colours and textures
    • let my soul free to find the weird shapes, the cracked, broken and void filled remnants of a living entity, that I am so drawn to
      • (yes, I get a bit carried way, but have you ever, truly, looked a beautiful piece of raw timber to appreciate it – you really, really should)
    • sadly accept that I cannot buy all of the timber
      • – I CANNOT!
    • buy more than I need for the current project, because, you know, timber is GOOD.
    • drive home, savouring the aroma of raw timber lingering in your personal space.
    • Table #1 (1)
    • Tabel #2 (4)
    • change your mind about what you are going to create first, and go completely off plan!
    • start all the boring prep work
    • sand all the raggedy bits – but not TOO much – I like the character of them
    • chop them in half, and arrange them till i get something I think will work
    • lay them on acrylic sheet and mark out the size for the form
    • measure, cut and sand pine boards to sizes to form the boxwork
    • curl up in chair exhausted (but satsified at the progress made)
    • daydream of wood, and it’s future melding with resin


………..  to be continued


14 responses to “In Pursuit Of … #2”

  1. Oh the (exhausting) twists and turns of the creative process, Claudette. You made me smell those lovely wood smells though. Am also very struck by the left hand photo of the final pair. Something very ‘active’ about the juxtaposition of those three pieces. Happy creating!

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    1. Thanks Tish. More twist and turn still yet to come I think.

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      1. keep up the good work!

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  2. Ah, I can almost smell the timber from here – there’s nothing better! Looks like you chose some lovely pieces. Have fun with them!

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    1. I am tring too. I love the weird shapes.

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  3. Please continue to share these “stream-of-consciousness” posts. They are delicious and very satisfying…

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    1. Happy to oblige 🙂

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  4. You’ve nailed the creative process. cheers

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    1. Yeah, then I go and pry the nails out to do something different 🙂
      Thansk for your kind words though.

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      1. That’s the universal definition of creative. cheers

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  5. I’m not saying that your love of timber is unnatural but did I ever tell you that I used to be a therapist? I could do a ‘mate’s rate.’
    In saying that, this post made me smile throughout and I gotta admit, I do love the smell of timber.
    Keep those “stream of consciousness” coming.

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    1. mmm, pretty sure my blooming obsession with weird pices of wood might need some therapy at some point – BUT, right now I am letting it run free, cause I am enjoying it too much 🙂
      When I find the need I shall contact you for those stated “mates rates” 🙂

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      1. 😀 It’s a deal!

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  6. […] Here is Part 2 of the second “In Pursuit Of”, and as it has been a while since I posted that one (well 3 months actually), if you need a recap this is where we last left off. […]


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