Question 11: Titles – Gender & Marital Descriptors

Question from D2:

If you’re not Female or Male are you Email?

Mum, answering:

So, you mean if you’re not a She or a He you’re  an E!

Question 11:  What Title do you use?  (This is not in the style of my usual fun question)

I have a thing about titles – Mr, Miss, Mrs, Ms, why do women need so many to try and define us, but Men only one?  I am a Widow, but we don’t use that term anymore, so what am I now?  I don’t feel like a Mrs, I’m not really a Miss, I’ll never be a Ms – why can’t there just be some generic identifier that is NOT a definition of marital status. (I know, that was supposed to be what Ms was for, but in my opinion it just sounds horrid, as it brings back awful memories of several Phys Ed teachers of my High School years.)

Gender has also become a minefield, as now some people identify as NOT being either, as being no gender.  What title do they use.  Person?  I truly do not know.  How can we have an equal society where a man can go from birth to death carrying one descriptive title that does not describe his marital status, but a woman can only a title that is based on her marital status?

With all those words out there, all those creative people wielding them, surely there is someone that can think of something better than titles based on gender or marital status.  Isn’t there?

I would really like some comments on this one, please?