A Quiet Day In Summer

I’m sitting under green cool trees,
with D1 by my side,
occasionally D2 will come out to us,
but she mostly stays inside.

We sit in shade and read our books,
the breeze gently gliding by,
eating peanut butter sandwiches,
and making contented sighs.

The dappled shade, warm summer air,
cats sleeping on the grass,
to spend time with my daughters,
is all that I would ask.

© ceenoa


My Cats don’t read – but they are Psychic!

I have discovered a very sad lack here at WordPress – you can’t insert a picture in a comment! Now, normally, I would not want to insert a comment, but my Cats have a pressing need to convey their feelings about a story I read yesterday.  (You can read the original story, written by Hugh Roberts, called “Needles” here).

Now, my cats do not read, at least I have never seen them doing it, their lives being composed of draping themselves comfortable over the seat outside, rolling in the gravel, curling in a ball and sleeping under the Hebe plant in the garden, following sedately behind me when I wander in the garden, the occasional half-hearted attempt to catch a turbo chook – oh, and eating.  Eating and sleeping, napping, snoozing and dozing.

Yep, no books are visible at all in the exhaustive list of events!  Therefore I conclude they are psychic (which should come as no surprise to those of us lucky enough to offer shelter and sustenance to them, as they always know when it is mealtime) and read my mind (after I read the story) and DID NOT approve (spoken in the Royal voice).

So, they knew!  They knew the terrible secret of the story, they knew and very NOT amused.

Limpet, she of the soft mottled grey, is a youngsterlimpet up tree, half blind and skittish with it.  Her response was to bound effortlessly straight up the tree to save her from the fate of Molly.  Happily she came to her senses and realised that I had not been to India, so she reversed shortly after.

Rara is a much older cat, of a certain disposition, and with definite ideas about appropriate content. Rara stalkingShe has indicated to me that she would like to discourse with the author about his story – in great depth, with the idea of clawing pointing out certain passages that she felt were entirely too familiar with her internal arrangements.

(Hugh, I recommend an immediate move to outer-outer-Outerland, and perhaps a change of name!)

So, there you have it.  Cats are people too.  (Oh, excuse me Rara, I certainly did not mean to infer that you are part of an inferior species …. really … NO really … there is no need for you to do that – please, stop it with the claws … look, if you don’t remove your claws I’m not getting you tea tonight …..yes, I apologise, I will never call you human again).  Sigh, Cats!

Reading, Baths, the Internet (too much of a good thing)

Mmmm, lots of half-thought thoughts buzzing around in my head tonight.  Have been reading some posts on other blogs, and their topics are making me feel “talkative” (blogative really doesn’t sound good!).  On both these topics there were some really interesting comments and points of view, so I thought I might add mine.

Topic 1 was Reading, or in fact, the reasons why they were NOT reading.  Made me realise that I am not reading as much as I have been previously, partially due to the fact I am doing more electronic stuff of an evening, but also I think, for me it is the fact that I am showering these days.

What? I hear you mutter, what is the woman going on about?  How does showering lead to not reading as much?  Well, my most favourite place to read is in the bath, it is quiet, it is warm and cosy, and I can lay marinating in soapy water for hours with a book.  What more can you ask of life!  True, I come out looking like a shriveled old prune, (after getting in as a big pink blancmange) but it is just so GOOD.

Topic 2 was about the internet, how there is so much to do, and maybe sometimes we need to step back and dial it down on the intensity, even – gasp- turn it off for a week!

For me this is not such an issue as I sort of have the opposite problem, in that I never know what to do on the internet!!!  It frustrates me as I know there is a whole world of content out there, but once I sit at the computer my mind goes blank and I just don’t know what I want to look at. I must confess to also being a bit of a neat/control freak, so I just really, really, really like to finish one thing before I go onto the next thing. Having too much going on at the same time is a big challenge for me.

……. and now for something completely different (thanks Monty Python)

Moon this morning at 7.10am
Moon this morning at 7.10am
20 seconds before this shot it was centered in the cloud break perfectly - Sigh
20 seconds before this shot it was centered in the cloud break perfectly – Sigh