Reblog – Time – it’s not what you think it is!

Just thought I’d share this post from my Business Blog (which I have be woefully neglecting of late, you can read the full post by clicking on the link below. Should you wish to comment you can do so on whichever on my Blogs you feel moved to. Hope you enjoy it.

Just to pass some time, here are some fun tidbits courtesy of Google (via Buzzfeed). The smallest standard scientific measure of time is the “Planck time“. It takes you about five hundred and fifty thousand trillion trillion trillion Planck times to blink once, quickly. No wonder I get so tired when I blink my eyes […]

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Quote Challenge – Day 3

I have been nominated by Phoebe of Musings of a Puppydoc to this challenge.

These are my quotes for Day 3, inspired by Eternity

Marie Beyon Ray Quote

Fred Rogers Quote

Martha Graham Quote

The Rules of the Quote Challenge are:

1-Post on three consecutive days.
2-You can pick one or three quotes per day.
3-Ask three different bloggers per day if they wish to participate. *

*Not being a big one on challenging people I changed rule 3, the original rule read: 3-Challenge three different bloggers per day

I am asking these 3 bloggers (who were at the top of my Reader list today) if they wish to participate, and I won’t be offended if they choose not to.

Karen at days and months

Ruth at RuthsArc

Clarence at PrairieChat

Countdown – A Short Paragraph Story

Ever since I heard, there’s been this impending sense of DOOM. Stupid really, as it’s only a minuscule thing now and I won’t be able to notice anything for a good while yet. But I know! It is coming, there is no escape from it and it must be faced. I’m trying to be positive, but it’s hard as I imagine time getting shorter each day. How could we possibly be past the longest day already!

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