My Cats don’t read – but they are Psychic!

I have discovered a very sad lack here at WordPress – you can’t insert a picture in a comment! Now, normally, I would not want to insert a comment, but my Cats have a pressing need to convey their feelings about a story I read yesterday.  (You can read the original story, written by Hugh Roberts, called “Needles” here).

Now, my cats do not read, at least I have never seen them doing it, their lives being composed of draping themselves comfortable over the seat outside, rolling in the gravel, curling in a ball and sleeping under the Hebe plant in the garden, following sedately behind me when I wander in the garden, the occasional half-hearted attempt to catch a turbo chook – oh, and eating.  Eating and sleeping, napping, snoozing and dozing.

Yep, no books are visible at all in the exhaustive list of events!  Therefore I conclude they are psychic (which should come as no surprise to those of us lucky enough to offer shelter and sustenance to them, as they always know when it is mealtime) and read my mind (after I read the story) and DID NOT approve (spoken in the Royal voice).

So, they knew!  They knew the terrible secret of the story, they knew and very NOT amused.

Limpet, she of the soft mottled grey, is a youngsterlimpet up tree, half blind and skittish with it.  Her response was to bound effortlessly straight up the tree to save her from the fate of Molly.  Happily she came to her senses and realised that I had not been to India, so she reversed shortly after.

Rara is a much older cat, of a certain disposition, and with definite ideas about appropriate content. Rara stalkingShe has indicated to me that she would like to discourse with the author about his story – in great depth, with the idea of clawing pointing out certain passages that she felt were entirely too familiar with her internal arrangements.

(Hugh, I recommend an immediate move to outer-outer-Outerland, and perhaps a change of name!)

So, there you have it.  Cats are people too.  (Oh, excuse me Rara, I certainly did not mean to infer that you are part of an inferior species …. really … NO really … there is no need for you to do that – please, stop it with the claws … look, if you don’t remove your claws I’m not getting you tea tonight …..yes, I apologise, I will never call you human again).  Sigh, Cats!

6 responses to “My Cats don’t read – but they are Psychic!”

  1. That was so cute. I have a cat and I can relate.

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    1. Thanks Patty. Sometimes the faces my cat pulls just scream out for a story.

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  2. Phew! I thought I was really in for it with both Limpet and Rara. Maybe I still am? I wonder if I’ll be having nightmares tonight about being locked inside a cattery, with said cats coming towards me licking their lips and wanting a BBQ?

    Animals certainly know our feelings, don’t they? I’m pretty sure, Toby, our dog (and sorry to mentions dogs, Limpet and Rara) can tell the time and knows what day of the week it is. He also knows what TV programme I want to watch when he sits on the remote control and refuses to let me get the remote control back.

    I hope I’m back in the good books of Limpet and Rara, soon 🙂 It’s a ‘purr’ from me.

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    1. I used to have a little dog, she and Rara would sleep together. Limpet is not very dog friendly, never really having encountered them.
      You are lucky that there is all that water between you and Rara – she has a certain facial expression that worries me 🙂

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      1. I think its one nil to Rara, Claudette, and I for one am going to leave it there before she discovers water wings and makes her way to the UK 🙂

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        1. You are a wise man Hugh 🙂

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