A little of my week

Painting #105a - Resin
Table Placemat – Acrylic Paint & Resin
Pretty Mugs All In A Row
Pretty Mugs All In A Row – Alcohol Ink on Bone China
Pretty Mugs All In A Row - inverted
What Lies Beneath – Alcohol Ink on Bone China
Wine Glass 2 - stitched
Golden Glow – Alcohol Ink on Glass
Wine Glass 1 - stitched
Garden – Alcohol Ink on Glass
Creek Scene
Morning Walk
Dandelion (2) Invertes
Dandelion – Inverted
Dietes Inverted
Dietes – Inverted
Painting #125 - cropped
The rare Winged Hook Nosed Fire Dog
Here's to you, deck
I cleaned the deck!
Bubbles and Edges
Sweet Bubbles

Exploring Acrylic Pouring

Yes, I meant it to rhyme!

I had fun today playing around with acrylic pouring.  I’ve been watching videos of it on Youtube for the last few days and decided I wanted to have a go.  Pretty happy with how it went, and think I may be doing this again real soon.

My favourite is the last one (excuse the bad photo, the lighting wasn’t good in the kitchen by the time I finished doing it).  It is true fire engine red, with tones of black, and I was so happy to see the cells form that large.