Flash Flood

Like a flash flood in the desert,
I feel the oncoming rumble in my bones,
before the groundswell hits.

Engulfed, I struggle to breathe,
not knowing which way is up or down,
tumbling with the fierce tide pounding me.

An eternity, in a moment of white noise,
trying to ride the wave until it dissipates,
to be left bruised and bedraggled.

Stranded, on some random ground,
I crawl upright to start again,
the long walk back from grief.

© ceenoa

I have no idea what this poem means

You cannot heal me with your broken words,
smothered by your good intentions all renewal withers.

I shall be well
when the taste of life explodes in my heart
like sherbet on a tongue.

I am not your responsibility, I am my own
I cultivate my own garden
and what pleases me shall flourish
you cannot decide what I should keep
that choice is mine
and with it I will find redemption.

© ceenoa