Question 26 – The Shrug Factor

What do you do when you can’t get an answer from your daughter?  This is what I do!

my daughter’s got “shrug-i-tus”
she doesn’t know what to do
so I gave her a box of crayons
and she coloured herself blue

my daughter’s now multi-coloured
with a smile as bright as the sun
who knew that her “shrug-i-tus”
could end up being such fun.

© ceenoa

Question 20: When is a cat not a cat?

Last night, hearing lots of thumps and bangs from the back deck, I intrepidly went to investigate the source of the noise.
Something was eating the dry cat food, something that wasn’t a cat!
It was about the same size as a cat, it had the same number of legs as a cat.
It had a snout – not like a cat, and it hopped – again, not like a cat.
What was it?  I think it was a Bandicoot, but it hopped of so fast it was hard to tell.

So the question is:  why are my cats so pacifist that they sit there and watch the wildlife eat their tea?